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Offering these Varied Services to Help our Clientele

Auction & Antiques Services
Specializing in Wallace Nutting Pictures & Furniture

Visit our Website: www.wnutting.com
  • Wallace Nutting Pictures, Books, Furniture & Memorabilia
  • Early 20th c. Hand-Colored Photography including Charles Sawyer, David Davidson, Fred Thompson, most others.
  • Popular Early 20th c. Prints including Bessie Pease Gutmann, Maxfield Parrish, R. Atkinson Fox, most others.
  • Early 20th c. Pastels including William Henry Chandler, Andrew Gunderson, Albert Glatthaar, most others.
  • Most other forms of Antiques & Collectibles.
  • Consign To Our Auctions.
  • Appraisal Services.
  • Cleaning and Conservation Services.
  • Expert Witness, Early 20th c. Hand-Colored Photography.
  • Reference Books, eBooks, Articles, Biographical & Historical Backgrounds.

Personal Property Appraisal Services
What Are Your Things Worth Today?

  • Most types of Personal Property Appraisals for Homeowners, Collectors, Attorneys, Trust Officers, Executors, Powers of Attorney, and Financial Advisors, including Estate & Probate Tax, Inheritance, Insurance & Insurance Claim, Equitable Distribution, Fair Market Value, Non-Cash Charitable Donation, and General "What's It Worth" Curiosity Appraisals.
  • Preliminary Narrative Appraisals for Attorneys and Trust Officers.
  • $195 In-Home Personal Property Valuations.
  • Online Appraisals.
  • Specializing in Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Collections, and Specialty Item Appraisals.
  • GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser)
  • MPPA (Master Personal Property Appraiser)
  • USPAP-compliant Appraisals

Moving and Home Downsizing Services
We Help Clients Turn Un-Wanted Personal Property into Cash

  • Author: Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps.
  • $195 In-Home Personal Property Valuations.
  • Packing, Sorting, Moving and Cleanout Services.
  • eBay & Craigslist Listing Services.
  • Personal Property Disposition Services
  • Home Downsizing Consultations & Workshops.
  • Member, National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Need a Speaker for a Meeting or Event?
Public Speaking and Presentation Services

Need a speaker for a meeting or upcoming event?
Mike offers a diverse series of presentations including:

  • Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps.
  • Simplifying for Your Move: Dealing with the Personal Property.
  • The Changing State of the Antiques & Collectibles Business.
  • Let's Have An Auction.
  • Wallace Nutting Pictures, Books & Furniture.
  • Early 20th c. Prints, Pastels & Hand-Colored Photography.
  • More.

Auction Broker Services
The Key to Getting the Most Amount of Money When Selling at Auction
is to Locate the Best Auctioneer For What You Have to Sell

Auctioneers are not all the same. And if you select the wrong Auctioneer to handle your consignment, your decision could cost you dearly. That's where Michael Ivankovich "Auction Broker" services come in. The key to getting the most amount of money when selling at Auction is to locate the best Auctioneer for what you have to sell. And as Auction Brokers we are often the best resource to help you accomplish just that.

Most people have little knowledge of the Auction business, or the specialties and reputations of various Auctioneers, or what they should do with their consignment? That's where our "Auction Broker" services come in.

As "Auction Brokers" will perform several vital services that will help you to obtain the most amount of money for what you are selling:

  • We will explain the Auction process to you.
  • We will explain the difference between National, Regional, and Local Auctioneers, and which Auction level is best suited for what you have.
  • We will walk you though the legalese on an Auction Contract.
  • We know which Auctioneers specialize in specific commodities, and which Auctioneers have upcoming Auctions in your particular category.
  • We will locate the best Auctioneer for what you have to sell.
  • We will help you to understand the best time of the year to sell.
  • We will help you understand when to send it all to one Auctioneer, and when it's best to split your consignment between two or more Auctioneers.
  • We will negotiate the fairest commission possible for what you have to sell. (Are you aware that in some instances Auctioneers will work for "Zero Commission?").
  • Depending upon the merchandise, sometimes (but not always) we can negotiate a reasonable "Reserve" for you. (A "Reserve" is a minimum price below which the item will not sell, and usually has to be negotiated with the Auction Company).
  • We will guide you through the entire process.

If you are considering selling things of value at Auction, we can probably help you avoid making a very major and expensive mistake. Click on this link to learn more.

Fund Raising Auction Services
We Help Groups...Raise Needed Cash...For Good Causes

Is your group or organization seeking to raise funds?
Perhaps a Michael & Susan Ivankovich Fund Raising Auction might be the answer for you.

Author & Writer
20 Books and Counting

Here is a listing of many of the various books, publications and articles authored by Mike over the years. Most are still available on our web site, and some are immediately downloadable as eBooks.

The Strategy of Pitching Slow Pitch Softball

Mike's original Slow Pitch Pitching Book and Video are available in eBook and eVideo format.

Picture, Print & Pastel Cleaning and Conservation Services
Improve the Look. Enhance the Value.

Most Antique pictures and prints have never been cleaned and the dirt and chemical build-up on both sides of the glass can cause permanent harm to both the image and the matting. We offer a 10-Step Cleaning and Conservation Service that cleans the picture, glass, and mat, adds protective acid-free backing materials, provides long-term protection, improves the look, and which also includes authentication and current valuation.

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